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The first 4 stages to getting your full Drivers License


The 4 Steps To A UK Driving Licence

Step 1 – Applying For a Provisional Driving Licence

To apply for a UK provisional driver’s license, you need to meet the following requirements [1][2]:

Be a resident of Great Britain, meaning England, Scotland or Wales.
Be at least 15 years and 9 months old.
Be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters.
Provide an acceptable form of personal identification, like a passport.
Provide your addresses for the last 3 years.
Pay a fee of £34 online or £43 by post.
Once you’ve met the requirements, you can apply online through the GOV.UK website by filling out an application form and making payment [1][2][3]. Be sure to double-check the website for any possible updates on the application process and requirements.

Good luck on your journey to obtaining your driver’s license!

Apply for your first provisional driving licence – GOV.UK

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a UK Driving License as an International Student, UniAcco

Getting a UK Provisional Licence,

How to apply

When it comes to applying for a provisional licence there are two options, apply by post or online. However there are two different costs for these options. Applying online is by far the cheapest option available, costing you £34 payable via credit or debit card. Alternatively if you would rather apply by post it will cost you £43, payable via cheque or postal order.

Applying online

Applying online is the cheapest and fastest way to apply for your provisional licence, and the method we would recommend. If you opt to apply online you will need a valid UK passport which is no more than five years old.

To apply for your provisional licence online you will need

A form of identity, for example a passport

Address of where you have lived for the past three years. If you have lived at your current address for less than three years then you will need to provide your previous addresses to cover this three year period

Your National Insurance Number, you can find this on your National Insurance card, payslips or correspondence from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Card details at the ready for the £34 application fee

Applying by post

If you’re applying for your provisional driving licence by post you will need to complete the D1 provisional application form – which you can pick up from selected Post Office branches or online from the DVLA form ordering service. Complete the form and send to the below address, along with the required documentation:

For all documents from the UK: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD

For documents outside of the UK: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AF

To apply for your provisional licence by post you will need

A form of identity, for example a passport

A colour passport photograph, check out the rules for photos here

A cheque or postal order for the £43 application fee made payable to DVLA – you must pay by cheque or postal order when applying via post, applications made with cash will not be processed

It generally takes around two weeks for your DVLA licence to arrive in the post. Once you’ve received your licence you’re free to begin driving lessons with a reputable, registered driving instructor or with someone aged 21 years or over who has held their full UK driving licence for at least three years.

Step 2 – Book Your Practical Driving Lessons

Once your Provisional Driving License arrived you can start thinking about taking driving lessons. Booking your driving lessons is a very easy and straightforward process. Before you begin to look at potential driving schools it’s important to know what kind of lessons you’re after to ensure you find the right match.

At L on Wheels Driving School in Ipswich we specialise in Automatic Driving Lessons. If youre looking for manual car driving lessons we can recommend some local driving schools. Our friendly and professional DVSA Approved Driving Instructor covers Ipswich.

The quality of the service and tuition we provide is second to none, you can check out our reviews. We’re competitively priced, with some of our packages starting from as low as £80 for a 2 hour lesson

We also offer intensive driving courses as well, which are ideal if you’re looking to pass your driving test in quick time with dedicated tuition.

Step 3 – Book Your Theory Test

Before you can take your practical driving test you must first pass your theory test. So once you’ve started taking driving lessons and nailed the driving basics, we highly recommend you start thinking about your theory test. The earlier you start practicing the better your chances of passing quickly.

This is a test which assesses your knowledge of the Highway Code and your reaction to hazards which you might encounter whilst driving. The test is split into two part, multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test, and is mandatory for all learner drivers.

Visit the official government website for booking driving tests:

Step 4 – Book Your Driving Test

With your theory test out of the way you are free to focus on the final step – passing your practical driving test, when you will be able to swap your green provisional licence to a red full UK driving licence. Your driving instructor will tell you when they think you are ready to book your driving test, which you can do either by telephone or online.

There is usually a waiting time between two weeks and 12 weeks for your practical driving test. The test costs £62 if you book it on a weekday, which we would highly recommend as there are fewer cars during the week, and £75 on a weekend.

Once your driving test is booked your instructor will take you through mock tests to help prepare and calm your nerves.

On the day of your driving test you must take the following:

Your provisional driving licence, if you pass your test they will take your provisional licence and arrange for a full driving licence to be sent to you

A car – most people use their driving instructor’s, but you can use your own car if it meets the rules

Your theory test certificate

If you’re looking for Automatic Driving Lessons in Ipswich message L on Wheels Driving School via WhatsApp or Contact Us Page


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